Eating Out Loud

Discover a playful new take on Middle Eastern cuisine with more than 100 fresh, flavorful recipes from the vivaciously charming chef & food personality Eden Grinshpan.

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“Finally! Eden Grinshpan is letting us in on her secrets of her healthful and deliriously delicious cooking. Giant flavors, pops of color everywhere and dishes you’ll crave forever. It’s the Eden way!”
–Bobby Flay, Chef
“This is the cookbook you won’t be able to put down, can cook out of every day, and comes from the heart and soul of the stunningly talented Eden Grinshpan. Deciphering the flavors and techniques of The Levant? Sure. Delicious recipes? Absolutely. And this book does more than that, taking inspiration from Eden’s childhood, where the kitchen was a safe place to express herself and passing that gift on to the readers and home cooks.”
–Andrew Zimmern
“Eating Out Loud oozes Eden’s culinary perspective and overall hotness. From the Tahini Caeser to Lemony Mejadra with Extra, Extra-Fried Shallots, she brings new life to everyday dinner staples, making them unique to her experience and fresh to our senses.”
–Antoni Porowski, best selling author of Antoni in the Kitchen
“Cooking a recipe from Eating Out Loud is like flooding your kitchen with sunlight! The energy, warmth and deliciousness this cookbook exudes is infectious and instantly puts me in a good mood. Eden’s food is seductive, unfussy, super fresh and always flavor-forward. Just like her! I’d happily bask in its glow from morning til night…and sop up every drop!”
–Gail Simmons, Food Expert, TV Host and Author of Bringing It Home
“I have always said that my next culinary adventure would be to dive into the foods of the Middle East.  Learning a new cuisine can be intimidating , but what I love about this book is that Eden gives you the basics of typical ingredients, sauces, and flavor combinations to get you started, and then turns them on their head to provide her own modern and fresh approach,  that leaves you wanting to explore every dish in the book.”
–Missy Robbins
“Eating Out Loud is the kind of cookbook that you will actually use!! It will inspire you at the farmers market, get messy in your kitchen, and make you laugh on the couch. Eden has written a book about her life, which revolves around  family, heritage, and glorious food. Bravo, dude.”
–Mike Solomonov
“Eden is one of the most vivacious people in the food world and these recipes match her personality 100%. If you’re looking for more flavor and fun in the kitchen, Eating Out Loud is your perfect guide.  If anyone takes a bite out of life, it’s Eden Grinshpan. This lively cookbook brings you into her world of flavorful, delicious food with 0% intimidation and 100 % fun. ”
–Kerry Diamond, creator of Cherry Bomb Magazine
“This book is a total party! These recipes are so colorful and vibrant that the flavors practically jump off of the page, right along with Eden’s magnetic personality. If you’re ever in need of a reason to get excited in the kitchen, just open up this book to literally any page.”
–Molly Yeh, TV Host and Author of Molly on the Range