new york city restaurant list

new york city restaurant list

okay. before we get into the full list, you guys have to see this. click on the button below and you’ll see the entire list pop up in your google maps as a “saved list.” so even if you’re not in new york city right now, next time you are there — boom, restaurants at your fingertips. and yes, i’ll keep updating and adding to it. so always check back to see what’s new.

nyc restaurants on maps 

keens steakhouse

nothing is more new york than a legendary steakhouse. and nothing is better than this steakhouse. seriously. put on your heels. tell your dude to put on a jacket. and have a date night here. it is so fun and decadent and actually mouth-wateringly good.

we're keen on keens


obama loves this place. that should really be enough to convince you to go. but if you need more reason, their endive salad is the best. and their small shared plates create the most delicious and sexy night out. 

estela all day


think rome, but in new york! this legendary outpost in rome is finally stateside and i'll be over here drinking the carbonara. i just went with my best friend and it was as good as everyone says.

table for two


still to this day one of our fave date night spots in the city. small, charming, with classic french bistro vibes that will leave you feeling like you just took a trip to paris for the night. i have spent many nights in this restaurant. get the steak au poivre, moules frites, escargot with a vodka martini to start, and finish with a couple glasses of bordeaux. you simply can't go wrong here. consistently delish and great energy always at this small and charming restaurant.

hot date night waiting for you


it's french. it's elegant. it's warm. it's hearty. it has great champagne options. it leads with butter and cream. i mean, i could go on, but seriously, just do it. sit at the bar. order the oysters. and then the next morning pick up croissants at their bakery.

bubbles on request 

thai diner

where the cool kids eat bomb thai food. that is my headline for this nolita hotspot. and if you don't get the massaman curry i don't know if we can still be friends because i am such a die hard fan of it.

cool kids this way

superiority burger

the name kind of says it all, huh? literally, the superior burger tucked deep in the east village on ave a. think the best finger-lickin’ diner food ever. bonus: it is vegetarian, you know i'm all about that.  

veg burgs

russ and daughters

one of the first spots in nyc that i ventured to is this classic bagel and schmear spot, where the line is always worth it. make sure to try the horseradish cream cheese and the wasabi roe.

bagel me

isle of us

this is my upper east side go-to for easy, relaxed, healthy dishes that sing with flavor. plus its marketplace options make it my go-to for to-go moments as well.

health & yum


it's all greek to me :) put your name in and drink a beer at forget-me-not next door while you wait for your table. get the lamb. and the greek salad. and of course the spanakopita. a carafe of wine for the table will do everyone just fine and you'll quickly understand why this place is legendary in the lower east side.

one carafe of house white


sit at the bar and listen to very good music while eating prawns and sipping the perfect martini. it's rare that a restaurant can have this much swag and not be obnoxious. instead its seafood forward menu is absolutely perfect and its laid back ambiance is the cherry on top.

prawns and more prawns

via carota

one of those restaurants you can return to again and again and never tire of. not only is it nestled in the west village, but it's the kind of rustic, bone-satisfying italian that makes you understand the power of nonna and all her secret sauce recipes. after all these years it is still one of my fav restaurants in the city.

comfort pasta please


ayesha nurdjaja is an absolute rockstar and creating some magical food at shukette. every time i go there i am blown away by the flavors. the energy is also palatable from the street as you walk by. so much fun, so much delicious food, it's a place you will come back to over and over again. highly recommend sitting at the bar.

open flame all day

librae bakery

librae bakery takes its middle eastern roots and pairs them with danish technique to basically knock your damn socks off with its baked goods. their croissants are otherworldly and worth a dedicated pilgrimage alone. do NOT miss out on the rose pistachio croissant, loomi babka bun, and the feta dill scone. but honestly, it's all perfect. 

bountiful buns and breads


this israeli restaurant in williamsburg is an event! seriously, celebrate your next big milestone here. from the space, to the food, to the cocktails, the energy makes you want to party which makes sense since mesiba means party in hebrew.

party on down


think udon (the iconic noodle that is known as a comfort food in japan) but then elevate it ten times over and you've got raku. there are actually TWO in new york (soho, and east village) and now one in toronto. lucky me.

zen noods

fish cheeks

if you are looking for yummy thai food with a fun atmosphere, here you go. love a quick bite here with ido when i'm shopping in the city.

cheeky thai

abc v

creative, veg forward, beautifully plated dishes that hit the mark every single time. the dosa is always a win for me.

very veg

don angie

yum yum yum. try and reserve a spot right now and make a night around it. the lasagna pinwheels… insane.

right this way


make the trek out to greenpoint and relax into the classic vibes of the unfussy, red checkered tablecloths and order some baked clams, ribs, and a dirty vodka martini to relax even further into the cozy, hipster vibes of greenpoint.

red checks all day

scar's pizza

the lower east side (the cool kid place) gets even cooler pizza. they say it's the water in the nyc that makes the pizza taste so good but scar's ups the ante with all their ingredients, down to prioritizing the best flour they can source. i simply can't be in the neighborhood without getting a slice… or two.

slice me baby

laser wolf

if you don't know where the name laser wolf is from, let me blow your mind. this restaurant is named after lazar wolf, the butcher from the musical, fiddler on the roof... how much do you love that. mike solomonov, a dear friend and rockstar chef, created a restaurant where everything is cooked on a charcoal grill. it has changed the game and my life in williamsburg. so delicious and great views of the city to top it off.

howl at the moon

gem nyc

sign up for their mailing list or follow their instagram. i say that because gem is more than a restaurant, its an ever evolving concept space in the lower east side that is constantly reinventing itself in the most magical ways, such as for the next two months its exclusively serving seafood towers. sounds like a perfect way to spend a holiday night to me!

what a gem

four horsemen

the man behind lcd soundsystem is also behind this wine bar and eatery. it has a succinct menu but everything is an absolute banger. and don't get me started on the wine menu. chef’s kiss.

bangers for all


daily. changing. menu. enough said. the ladies at king simply kill it. the food is always fantastic and the vibe is spot on. perfect for a double date or romantic night out with your partner or friend. they also opened a restaurant called jupiter which i hear is delish.

the queen of kings

port sa'id

one of my favorite restaurants in tel aviv, eyal shani has opened his famous port sa'id in new york and it does just the trick. big space, juicy glasses of red wine, loud music and fresh pita filled with the juiciest lamb and the smokiest whole eggplant. go with a group of friends that know what is up and make sure to wear your stretchy pants. eat it allllll.

pass the pita

okiboru ramen

the nytimes describes this spot as “soupless ramen in a stressless setting.” and i'm stealing this headline because i think it is spot on.

say less

bánh mì saigon

a no thrills counter shop that serves phenomenal (phenomenal!) vietnamese bánh mì. the food the center of this experience -- which is my favorite kind of experience. i have been grabbing sandwiches since i moved to the city and I will never stop.

banh me

l'industrie pizza

a slice shop to put all other brooklyn slice shops to shame. my favorite part of their pizza approach? how beautifully simple it is. they aren't reinventing the pizza wheel and i’m grateful for that.

simply sliced


missy robbins is my pasta guru. look no further than my spotlight series here. so obviously misi is my favorite pasta outpost. much like my spotlight series, the spotlight here is on the pasta along with some wonderful antipasto options. and did i mention PASTA.  also, missy is a dear friend and lilia and misipasta (her new venture) are equally good and are some of my favorite spots in the city. whatever missy touches turns fucking amazing and i am here to obsess over her always.

the queen of our hearts and pasta