a spring fling

a spring fling

we survived the first week post daylight savings, which means two things— 1) kids' sleep schedules are wonky (how does one hour throw everyone off so much?) 2) the first day of spring is only FOUR days away. you can see it in the later sunsets, feel it in the slightly warmer temps and taste it in the spring produce. to say i'm giddy about spring and the warmth and flavors that come with it is an understatement.

which is why i wanted to dedicate a newsletter to spring prep, which is my take on spring cleaning. spring prep is less about organizing (we do enough of that already) and more about inviting spring into your food, clothes, and interiors. lets cook with some beautiful produce, drape our table in rumpled linens, slip on the perfect pair of jeans and remember to dance like this.

what to cook

spring is a time for everything green. think asparagus, peas, artichokes, green garlic, ramps etc. just writing out that list makes me thrilled at the veg possibilities that spring gives us. below are a few recipes to get you started and here are my three main tips for cooking with spring veg.

1. cook with what is in season. you know what they say, what grows together goes together. you can make an amazing dish just by leaning into the amazing produce that will be at your fingertips in just a couple weeks.
2. just add vinaigrette. spring produce is so great you really just need to toss it in vinaigrette to let it sing. here is a two min option or an easy green goddess.
3. keep it simple. i like to keep my spring dishes as simple and straight forward as possible, so lets lean into simplifying dishes like keeping it raw or adding an amazing cheese with a great olive oil. topping with herbs or a fave condiment of choice. simple. when the produce is so fresh and flavorful you really don't need to do much to elevate it.

snap peas for spring

i created this fresh sugar snap pea salad from the spring seasonal vegetables i found in the union square farmer’s market. i love making it every spring as a way to showcase the brightness of spring produce and as an ode to one of my favorite farmer’s markets of all time.

asparagus is here

when i wrote the list of in season veg above, asparagus was the first veg that popped into my mind. i get pumped for asparagus season, because it is so versatile, green and just SCREAMS spring. i love making this delicious shaved asparagus salad.

rhubarb to the rescue

rhubarb is a beautiful vegetable that is in peak season in early spring, so don’t sleep on this rhubarb mint gin fizz.

it takes a little more time than your typical spritz but well worth the effort. pro tip: double the rhubarb mint syrup so the next time you make these you cut the time in half.

what to wear

a transitional season calls for transitional clothes and i happen to love that. it gives you a chance to layer different fabrics in tonal palettes and still wear cute jackets for a few more months. Sézane is one of my go-to brands for key pieces in my wardrobe that are able to be both beautifully unique and classically french. i love investing in a few spring pieces to seamlessly carry me into summer. below is a sampling of what i’m particularly loving right now.

sets for spring

Sézane’s Marzia Shirt and Fausto Trousers is the perfect example of two easy pieces that when paired together create a pulled together spring outfit. but i would also totally rock them on their own!

i have worn this set as is with flats with just one button done up AND i have also worn this with a brown belt tight around the waist. such an easy, stylish and versatile look.

the perfect spring crossbody

Sézane is a french brand so its no surprise their take on a classic french market basket is chef’s kiss.

with small two kids, i need two free hands, so i love a crossbody for functionality and i love that the Justine Mini Basket doesn’t skimp on style.

saffron for spring

the color of this suit is called saffron so you know its going to have a soft spot in my heart (saffron being one of my fav spices to cook with, hello saffron rice).

on top of the to die for color, the Matheo Trousers and Christie Jacket are just the epitome of spring with their sophisticated cuts and casual yet super fun vibes.

i love the look of these pieces together with nothing under the blazer— but obviously done up :) grab some double sided tape and you will be the chicest girl in the room. trust.

hello, heels

i love the High Maxine Sandal’s modern square toe, comfortable block heel that i can actually walk in, and rich color that will go with everything in my spring wardrobe.

when my daughters saw these they freaked. wouldn't let me take them off all day after arriving in the mail. excited to wear these beauties all spring long.

for a home refresh

because i live between cities that both go through extreme seasons, (i love you new york and toronto but damn you like extremes), i like some of the current season reflected in my home decor. even just a few key pieces help me feel like spring has sprung.

cheeky bath towels

bania makes the most beautiful textiles. and there is something about having beautiful yet playful bath towels like these that puts an unexpected smile on your face every time you see them. plus, hello, green for spring :) but they come in an array of colors for any bathroom color scheme.


salt and pepper are on every table, at every meal, so i love to invest in an elevated salt well like this one that doesn’t detract from the table, but instead adds to it. these are also a beautiful option if you like a matching set on your table setting.

do you salad justice

your going to be making a lot of salads in the coming months. let’s make sure they sing with a beautiful serving bowl that you’re always excited to pull out of the cupboard like this one.

investing in a few piece in the kitchen that bring you joy do wonders for your willingness to be in the kitchen, i promise.

indoor + outdoor throw blanket

spring brings those first long evenings spent outside lingering over bites and drinks. but sometimes there is that slight chill in the air and you want a little something casual to wrap yourself up in. i love this throw option for something that can easily transition from indoors to outdoors.