18 Things You Didn't Know About - Athena Calderone

18 Things You Didn't Know About - Athena Calderone

When Athena Calderone and I met, it was like catching up with a friend I’ve known my whole life. An instant love that blossomed over our appreciation of great friends, close family and a shared obsession with putting olive oil, lemon and fresh herbs on anything and everything. I mean, LOVE. HER.

Athena is her name — a babely goddess of wisdom, inspiration and art (and more specifically in our Athena’s case, of finding and sharing gorgeous art, fashion, creative interior design and foodie ideas.) A native New Yorker, Calderone studied at Parson’s School of Design before starting her company, Athena Calderone Design and later co-found the majorly successful Rawlins Calderone Design, which she continues today, while sharing beautiful recipes and sumptuous decor finds on her extremely popular blog, Eye-Swoon.

But to me, Athena is even so much more than that…a secret lover of Nashville and a belly rolling queen.

Check out 18 facts about this babe, that I am SURE you didn’t know…so read on.

This pic is from when Athena and I cooked together for her blog Eye-Swoon. We obviously had the BEST time!! xx Show me dem guns. Photo – Winnie Au

  1. My favorite food memory from growing up is classic Italian Sunday family dinners. Pasta, red sauce, ricotta, meatballs — always. 
  2. If I had an entire day totally free, I would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at my three favorite spots (Estela, Cafe Clover, and Dell’anima). Perhaps a gallery visit in between. Basically wandering about the city with no plans or agenda besides great food and exploration.
  3. I’m currently swooning over contemporary artist, Mary Weatherford’s paintings with neon light.
  4. My favorite midnight snack is a buttery toasted English
    muffin with Maldon sea salt.
  5. My guilty pleasure is cheese doodles! 
  6. When I watch TV, I like to pig out on dark chocolate covered pretzel thins, which are a current obsession.
  7. I secretly love Nashville, but Homeland is probably at the top of my TV-watching list. 
  8. My food fantasy is to create a meal with some of the top chefs from around the world.
  9. Brooklyn takes the cake as far as the “city” with the best street food. The food trucks here. Specifically at the Brooklyn Smorgasburg, which is a favorite Sunday past time for me and my family.
  10. Love to sing, hate karaoke.
  11. I’m very inspired by Beth Kirby’s feed, @Local_Milk.
  12. My biggest fear is creating a less than stellar meal (hehehe)
  13. I can roll my belly.
  14. Luck, fate, or perseverance: perseverance coupled with passion & intention.
  15. I like watching surf competitions on YouTube with my son.
  16. I’m addicted to any and every rustic fruit tart.
  17. The first job I’ve ever had was at a jean outlet in a strip mall.
  18. My first crush was Johnny Depp.